From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur – 2017 will be great

From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur – 2017 will be great

2015 and 2016: Two Years full of Learning

2015 and 2016 were two great years full of learning, reading, observing, and networking. I attended several big conferences in Germany and California where I met amazing people and great business leaders. I had a guilty conscience when I looked back onto the last 2 years and asked myself the question why I still wasn’t running a successful business. The answer is pretty obvious: my lack of action. I didn’t make that notary call which led to the registration of a business. The I reflected in more detail what I actually achieved over the last 2 years. I am surprised how much progress I actually made over the last weeks and months.

Here a few points which came immediately into my mind:

  • I read many great and valuable books,
  • I became friends with like-minded people while killing harmful relationships,
  • I attended several big conferences and small networking events in Germany and Silicon Valley
  • I traveled and experienced the Silicon Valley magic
  • I attended helpful courses in my university
  • I finished my first MOOC’s on
  • I learned about new technologies like Augmented Reality and Blockchain
  • I participated in the EUXCEL accelerator program with some very smart and capable people
  • I realized that our current education system sucks
  • I developed valuable skills in web design, UI/UX design, and print design
  • I would argue that I finally became financially literate
  • I learned how to build websites completely on my own
  • I finally wrote down my ultimate goal of my life
  • and this list might probably continue endlessly

In the last two years, I learned how important personal self-development really is and I started acting on it.


Some of you might say: well these are only excused why you have not started a business way earlier. I don’t even want to deny that. I admit that I officially was a wantrepreneur for the last two years. Are wantrepreneurs losers? I don’t think that I am a loser today. I would argue that wantrepreneurs are students. Students who are observing what successful entrepreneurs do differently to most other people. I would define wantrepreneurship as a kind of education which prepares you for making your first step into the real world of entrepreneurship. This is only true if you plan and actually make this step at one point in time. If you don’t, you have entrepreneurial tendencies but you are not an entrepreneur.

2017: Let’s screw it.

Just a few weeks ago my co-founder and I finally had our notary appointment. We officially registered our company. Things are finally getting serious. We have a clear strategy for our business which is called Advimu – a limited liability company registered in Germany. I am so happy! I already realized that all those books I have read, all these people I have met, skills I have learned, experiences I earned over the last years are extremely valuable. If I hadn’t read all those books, talked to all these amazing people, took all those MOOC’s this business would have plunged me in at the deep end. It will do, I know. But somehow I feel prepared and ready to take massive amounts of action. In a few days, our company will be officially registered in the commercial register and we will be 100% ready to go. I am so excited.

Documenting the Journey

On January 1st I decided to start a daily vlog. The intention of this vlog is not to share my personal life with you (and it will never be). Rather I want to use my daily vlog as a way to document our journey from a startup with less than 2000 Euro as starting capital to a company valuable at least 1 billion Euro. The first weeks might be not that exciting as we are just starting up but subscribe to my YouTube channel already and follow our journey!

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