Don’t Use WhatsApp

Born in 1993, I grew up as a teenager using ICQ – the instant messaging service of AOL. With the rise of the smartphone it was WhatsApp which slowly replaced all desktop messaging services like ICQ, MSN, and Skype. With WhatsApp having over 2 Billion active users, I was definitely one of the early adopters of the messenger which once costed €0,99/year.

As much as I loved WhatsApp as a messaging application – founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 – I was utterly smashed to see it being sold to Facebook in 2014 for US$ 19.3 billion. WhatsApp, a service previously focused on simple and easy communication with privacy as a basis did now belong to a mega conglomerate with no big glory for privacy.

I still remember the day the acquisition of WhatsApp was announced. I sat in the car with three other friends, and we decided to look for an alternative. An alternative with the same ease of use but not belonging to a large corporation. In other words: an alternative messaging service with privacy and users coming first.
We downloaded dozens of apps, created an account, and tried them all out. We settled with one app: Telegram.

Today I solely use Telegram for instant messaging. I deleted WhatsApp entirely from my phone, and here are some reasons why you should do so too.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use WhatsApp

  • The founder of WhatsApp – Brian Acton – tweeted on March 21st 2018: “It is time. #deletefacebook” [1]
  • WhatsApp is forced to disclosed encrypted messages to authorities [2]
  • Brian Acton admits: “I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.” [3]
  • Jan Koum left Facebook over data privacy issues. [4]
  • WhatsApp had a security issue with the way it handles video which allowed hackers to take control of your phone [5]
  • WhatsApp commits major security errors on a regular basis, which are suitable for surveillance [6]
  • Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has been hacked due to WhatsApp’s security flaws [7]
  • Facebook is collaborating with the NSA and FBI [8]
  • WhatsApp was used to target 100 journalists and dissidents [9]
  • United Nations officials are banned from using WhatsApp [10]
  • WhatsApp disclosed 12 security flaws in 2019, including 7 classified as “critical” [11]
  • EU Commission orders staff to switch from WhatsApp to Signal [12]
  • Facebook’s executives proposed to weakening its encryption to enable easier access for businesses [13]
  • Facebook is “the biggest surveillance-based enterprise in history” [14]
  • WhatsApp ranked worst for user’s data privacy in internet snooping report [15]
  • WhatsApp messages are stored unencrypted on iCloud or Google Drive [16]
  • Telegram is banned in countries like Russia and Iran while WhatsApp is freely available [17]

What are the alternatives?
I recommend Telegram and Signal.



The Schober Productivity Method

Productivity is an issue one can easily become attached to. It is what Marc Andreessen calls Productivity Porn. I am also someone who likes to try new methods and new apps in order to manage my life more efficiently. In the past years, I downloaded dozens of apps, tried different productivity methods and I experimented with my sleep schedule to find out what works best for me.

I came up with my own productivity method or ritual which I will simply call The Schober Productivity Method.

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Every company has it. The email address. It seems to be the standard inbox for companies around the world. Some companies are more creative than others. They have a or address instead. Which is creative but doesn’t solve an underlying problem.

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The Hotel Room of the Future

The last two days I visited the Intergastra Messe in Stuttgart. I was engaged in many conversations and the main topic was the innovation and digitalization of the hotel industry. One of the most striking persons I met at the exhibition was Rolf Schlecht, the CEO of Fritz Schlecht SHL, a full-service company specialized in everything from planning and interior design to furniture and installation. He was very curious and asked me the question: “What do you think? How will the future of the hotel room look like?”

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Be All You Can Be

To quote Dan Peña: “most people are living quite life’s of desperation”. I agree with him 100%. I believe that our world would be a more exciting and more ethical place if everyone would strive to fulfill their own potential.

This blog post is a transcription of an ice breaker speech I gave at my Toastmasters club in Düsseldorf. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

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The Familiarization Phase of Augmented Reality

Today, smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are struggling to come up with new innovative smartphones. Each year there is a phone with a slightly improved performance, slightly improved camera, and tiny software and design adoptions. However, phones and screens are the main portals of how we consume media and communicate with other people. Screens, as we know them, might soon become obsolete.

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