From Seed to Profitability

Start-ups, especially in the technology and software industry, often face enormous pressure to grow quickly. Cold calling is time-consuming, and the path to the first major customer is often paved with obstacles.

I take over the cold calling for you as a start-up founder. I offer success-based cold calling and sales services, with the goal that your start-up is profitable in the shortest possible time, with the help of the first B2B key accounts.

As the first employee, I have already successfully supported a start-up in the transition from the seed phase to profitability. I know all the stumbling blocks and how to avoid them.

Best of all, I work purely on a contingency basis: no success, no cost.

I only work with one start-up at a time. For a free initial consultation and to get to know each other, please contact me immediately via the following link.