Company acquisition

As founder of Valenus Group , I take over successful companies in the niches of healthcare, software and technology.

We acquire established companies that already have a strong or forward-looking business model in order to develop and scale it to its full potential.

We are not a typical private equity investor, but an investment group consisting of entrepreneurs, executives and professionals from the healthcare sector. Our goal is to acquire subsidiaries and then actively and significantly develop and grow them through innovative ideas and new concepts.

Our criteria:

  • High profit margins: Healthy and sustainable; at least 20%.
  • Healthy profit: from $100,000 to $1,000,000 EBIT.
  • Proven consistent earnings power: at least three consecutive years of stable or growing profits (future forecasts are of little interest to us)
  • Great teams: Positive culture with great employees
  • High ethics: Ethical business mentality and practices
  • Majority shareholdings: Majority shareholdings of > 55%.
  • Management: Existing management
  • Location: United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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