Don’t Use WhatsApp

Born in 1993, I grew up as a teenager using ICQ – the instant messaging service of AOL. With the rise of the smartphone it was WhatsApp which slowly replaced all desktop messaging services like ICQ, MSN, and Skype. With WhatsApp having over 2 Billion active users, I was definitely one of the early adopters […]

The Schober Productivity Method

Productivity is an issue one can easily become attached to. It is what Marc Andreessen calls Productivity Porn. I am also someone who likes to try new methods and new apps in order to manage my life more efficiently. In the past years, I downloaded dozens of apps, tried different productivity methods and I experimented […]


THE NOTION Podcast THE NOTION is a documentary podcast by Marius Schober offering conversations and monologues about topics like technology, finance, and economics but also philosophy and spirituality. All in an effort to make this world – a world to be proud of. First episode coming soon. Stay tuned by subscribing. The music used in […]

Marius Schober

I’m Marius Schober. Welcome! I am an independent thinker and entrepreneur working on an ethical and exciting future. If you are eager to learn more about me click here. On this blog you find all of my writings, consisting of short posts or longer essays on topics I’m interested in like entrepreneurship, finance, technology, psychology, […]

The Hotel Room of the Future

The last two days I visited the Intergastra Messe in Stuttgart. I was engaged in many conversations and the main topic was the innovation and digitalization of the hotel industry. One of the most striking persons I met at the exhibition was Rolf Schlecht, the CEO of Fritz Schlecht SHL, a full-service company specialized in […]

Travel Schedule

I regularly travel to different cities and countries. Here, I post trips where I have spare time to meet with other like-minded, positive, and bold thinking entrepreneurs and thinkers. Please contact me to set up a meeting in a city I’m travelling to. 14.02.2020 – 16.02.2020: Stuttgart, Germany 04.03.2020 – 05.03.2020: Berlin, Germany 08.03.2020 – […]