Marius Schober

“I engage only in projects which benefit all whom it affects and which have a positive impact on the peoples and communities involved. I want to make the world a better place to live and a world to be proud of.”

About me

I am a social entrepreneur, and I am the founder of Valenus Group. With Valenus, we are excited to create an entirely new health care provider — first in Germany and then globally. If you are interested in contributing as an investor or in joining the board, let me know of your interest.

How I work
Every morning I’m happy to get up to collaborate with smart, talented, and passionate people to work towards a vision of an ethical and an exciting world we can be proud of. All deals, projects, and ventures I work on are ethical, legal, and moral and will always lead to a win-win-win situation — which means that not only both parties involved but also the society or community affected is better off afterward.

Let’s talk?
If you have ideas you’d like to share or if you want to collaborate on ambitious projects, then I’d love to connect with you! Please email me to set up a video call to discuss ideas, promising joint-ventures or collaborations.