Dear Sir or Madam, my name is Marius Schober.

“I engage only in projects which benefit all whom it affects and which have a positive impact on the peoples and communities involved, and I ensure that we make the world a better place to live and a world to be proud of.”

My name is Marius Schober. I am a citizen of planet earth and currently based in Kaarst. Now and then I publish brief articles and longer essays about topics I am interested in: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Psychology, Economics, Technology, Politics, and maybe some philosophical posts too.

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About me

I am a social entrepreneur, and I am the founder of Valenus Group. With Valenus we are looking forward to creating an entirely new health care provider – first in Germany and then globally. If you are interested in contributing as an investor or in joining the board let me know of your interest.

How I work
Every morning I’m happy to get up to collaborate with smart, talented, and passionate people to work towards a vision of a green and an exciting world we can be proud of. All deals, projects, and ventures I work on are ethical, legal, and moral and will always lead to a triple win situation (win-win-win situation) – which means that not only both parties involved but also the society or community affected is better off afterward.

Let’s meet?
I’m a great conversationalist! I’d love to connect with you, and I hope we can discuss how we can improve our planet, any promising joint-ventures or collaborations over a cup of coffee or a cold beer.

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